Translating between English and French, we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive, efficient, confidential and reliable translation service for both businesses and private clients.

We specialize in translating legal documents. We also undertake general commercial and private translation work. Furthermore, we are always pleased to use our skills in challenging new ways and welcome enquiries for a variety of translation tasks to suit your needs.

Prices for non technical work from £75.00 per thousand words to £100.00 per thousand words depending on complexity.

Minimum fee £35.00
Urgent work +10%

Rates for other services such as interpreting, proof-reading on hourly rate or daily basis (£35.00 per hour minimum) plus expenses to be agreed prior to acceptance of job.

Daily rate £360.00
Half Day £210.00
Hourly £35.00
Urgent work +10%

Please contact us for an effective quote as prices may vary and we may offer a discount where possible. Tips what do you think of the new stock widgets in ios 10.